Monday, March 4, 2013

O-Week and Shark Attacks

Well, the past week has definitely been a lot slower than my first month in NZ. I moved into my new apartment about a week ago and my roommates are all international. There are 2 girls from China, a girl from Malaysia and a girl from Denmark. It's a very interesting group of people! I live on the 6th floor of a student apartment building with an amazing view of the harbor. 

Since we are all international, our apartment is lacking many common necessities such as hand towels and cleaning supplies. That's not really something you think about when moving abroad. 

At orientation, I met a ton of other study abroad students. There are way more Americans than I was expecting. We also had a day where we toured the campus and went to a bunch of presentations which made me feel like I was a freshman again. It was pretty boring actually. 
On the weekend, I went to a beautiful black sand beach on the west coast called Mirawai Beach. A couple days later there was a shark attack there that killed an award winning movie director. That was the first fatal shark attack in NZ in like 45 years! Its so crazy that I was there 3 days earlier. 

The rest of the week was actually pretty uneventful though, since I dont have much money left I cant do very many things around the city and I am also really lazy and tired from travelling for so long. I have mostly just been looking for a job and failing miserably since I dont have a work visa so I need a cash job. Fingers crossed I will get one soon! 
I had my first class yesterday and I was literally one of two girls in a class of around sixty five guys. And I thought the Clarkson ratio was bad! Hopefully they are not all like that...

Sorry for the lack of photos this week :(


 International students at Orientation
Mirawai Beach

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