Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to reality in Auckland

Today is the last day of my kiwi experience trip. Man, that went by fast! It is honestly the most amazing thing I have ever done though, I met the most amazing people and did some crazy activities like jump out of a plane and ride in a helicopter. I spent all of my money, but it was completely worth it. I realized how much I absolutely love traveling no matter how hard and long I have to work to save up, it will always be worth it for the amazing memories that I'll make. 

The past week hasn't been very eventful for me besides getting a really bad case of pinkeye that made my eye swell shut and saying goodbye to most of the friends that I've made. 

It's time to get back into school mode. I have been traveling for two and a half months now so it's not going to be easy. One more week!


 Milford sound
a seal colony in Kaikoura

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