Tuesday, March 26, 2013

22 in NZ!

So, I turned 22 last week! Man, that last year went by so fast. The celebration was awesome, it was honestly one of the best birthdays I've ever had. My four roommates surprised me at 7 a.m. with balloons and singing and homemade breakfast. They gave me a New Zealand flag for my present :) 
I felt really grateful to have so many amazing friends around and to be able to live in this awesome country even though I was missing my family friends at home. 

This past weekend I went back to Tongariro National Park and Taupo with 11 other people to do some hiking while the weather is still nice. I did a five-hour hike to Taranaki falls and the upper and lower Tama lakes. We spent the next day relaxing on a sailboat on Lake Taupo. It was a perfect weekend. 

This weekend is Easter and I have almost a week off school! I didnt know that until, like, today though so I didn't plan anything big, but me and a few friends are going to Waiheke island for a few days to explore the beaches and wineries. And it's only 45 minutes away by ferry! Then back to Auckland to get some actual homework done! I havent actually done much work since school started, but they don't have nearly as much as Clarkson. The assignments/tests are just worth a lot more, which can be a bit scary. I am loving all of my classes (or papers, as they call them here), they are all really different and interesting and the professors are super laid back and nice. And people walk around barefoot a lot here - random...

Yesterday I booked a flight to Thailand for the mid semester break!!! I can't wait! 

Happy Easter Everyone!


 Mt. Ruapehu and Lower Tama Lake
 A warning sign at the beginning of our hike
 Taranaki Falls
 Mt. Ngauruhoe (aka Mt. Doom) and Upper Tama Lake
 Me and my two friends at Lake Taupo
 Sailing Lake Taupo with some other international students from AUT
Some Maori carvings at Lake Taupo

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