Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Czech Republic!

Czech Republic was the most Eastern European country that I visited. The culture difference was obvious from that of Western Europe. I loved Prague, and I enjoyed the small town of Brno where I met some very nice people. I traveled with my American friend that was born in Slovakia. Therefore, she was fluent in Czech and Slovak, which was extremely helpful. She had friends that we stayed with. It was a great opportunity to really become emersed in the Czech culture.

I don't have many pictures of Czech Republic, as my phone was stolen during our trip. It was sad to lose all my pictures, but I am glad that I had already uploaded the most important ones. Besides, I will always have the memories from my travels. We had a truly amazing trip in Czech Republic which was my last trip in Europe. I visited London on my way to and from Czech Republic with connecting travels. It was sad when I realized that the next time I would be going to London was to go home.

I spent a few days with the friends that I made in Newcastle, and then I head back to the states.

The architecture in Prague was amazing.

We found the Lennon wall, so of course we had to take jumping pictures!
I want to revisit Eastern Europe again some day and visit my Czech friends. I would also love to see Vienna and Germany!


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