Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back in Newcastle.

I am finally back in Newcastle for a few weeks of doing final assessments for my classes. After, I will be  traveling some more before I head home. It's crazy how fast this experience has flown by. I have gone to a few different places in the area in the short time that I've been back in Newcastle. After I graduate, I will certainly be returning to Europe.

Alnwick Castle was the castle used for Harry Potter.

My friends and I from my field trip class had a lot of fun at Alnwick Castle.

My friend and I were pretending to fly, like in Harry Potter.
Alnwick Castle was beautiful.

Our field trip class also went to the Beamish Open Air Museum. The baby lambs were adorable.

Out to eat at the Baltic Six with my international friends.

Spending time with my Spanish roommates is always fun.

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