Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Visiting Copenhagen and London!

I think that this is a great time to stress that stepping out of my comfort zone and seizing the opportunity to study in England was an excellent decision. I can already tell that this is going to be a trip of a lifetime. As I've only been in Europe for about two weeks, I've already been exposed to so much culture.  
I went to Copenhagen, Denmark last weekend to visit a friend that is studying abroad there and it was an amazing experience. London was my connecting destination between Newcastle, England and Copenhagen, Denmark. I took the opportunity to explore London for the day. I can honestly say that if I wasn't by myself, I wouldn't have met so many cool people. I learned so much about London, traveling, and navigating. I just had a wonderful time talking to other people about their experiences and listening to their advice. Also, it is so easy to travel in Europe!
In front of Westminster Abbey. I went on a tour inside, and it was amazing! Such history in this building.

Standing in front of Big Ben, and you can also see the London Eye. The buildings in this area are so beautiful.

Walking across the London Bridge was surreal. The views were magnificent.
Denmark was pretty cold, but not much worse than Potsdam weather. The cold weather in Potsdam has prepared me for the worst. The buildings were so beautiful, and much different than buildings in England. Denmark looked like a "toy city". The buildings were very colorful and all right next to each other; one after another. The people were very friendly and although I can't speak a lick of Danish, most of them spoke fluent English. The cost of living there is expensive, so even a cup of coffee cost me around $7. I really liked that people biked and walked to get everywhere. There was specific bike lanes on all of the roads! What a beautiful place to be.
Beautiful walkway of trees in Copenhagen. I was on my way to the Statens Museum for Kunst.

View of some typical Copenhagen buildings, all next to each other.

I love this street, it had such colorful houses. It almost didn't look real.

I had a lot of fun this weekend traveling to Copenhagen and visiting London. I look forward to more trips in the future. I am enjoying myself in Newcastle in the meantime. I am really enjoying my stay so far.

My roommates and I have a lot of fun together.
As the British say, Cheers!

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