Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Kiwi Experience

Kia ora from New Zealand!

I am on day 4 of the Kiwi Experience, which is a bus tour around the country. I don’t start school until March 4th, so for the next month I will be travelling all over New Zealand doing crazy activities and staying in hostels every night.

So far we have done Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach, hiked through old mining caves, black water rafting, luge, and today I went skydiving!

I seriously cant believe that I just jumped out of a plane 12,000 feet in the air, I am so scared of heights. It was awesome though!

I have done so much in the past four days, it would take me pages to write everything so I will just show you some pictures instead :)


 We went to Hot Water Beach at midnight because that's when the low tide was the night we were there. We went there and dug holes in the sand and there was boiling hot water in certain spots and we made little pools like mini hot tubs on the beach.
 It was a 40 minute walk down to Cathedral Cove beach but it was definitely worth it!
 This is also at Cathedral Cove before we walked down to the beach.
 These geysers were in Rotorua and they made the whole town smell like sulfur.
 This is me with some of the people on the bus before we went black water rafting at Waitomo. We all got wetsuits and tubes and went into these huge underground caves and played in the freezing water and checked out the glow worms on the ceiling.
This is right before I went skydiving today! I jumped out of that tiny pink plane in the background 12000 feet in the air.
 Barefoot skydiving is the way to go!
This is where we did luging, we took chairlifts up to the top of a mountain and raced eachother down. I lost every time..]

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