Sunday, October 27, 2013


I now believe my kitchen mates about autumn in Denmark after experiencing several weeks of it. Once it reaches mid to late October, it becomes pretty dull and miserable outside. While it's not very cold (it's still about 50 degrees F), it is often windy, cloudy, and normally raining. When it's cloudy and rainy, it never becomes very bright outside, so I'm finding it quite normal to have my desk lamp on any time that I'm awake. But autumn here is still similar to home; the leaves change color and fall off, the nights start becoming colder, etc. With all these changes with the weather, I've actually started to notice some changes with myself.
Probably the most noticeable change is I feel much more confident in myself. Back home, I know that was somewhat shy and quiet, especially around new people. While I've been here, I've noticed that I've been almost eager to meet new people and get to know them better. I've also noticed some smaller changes as well. I noticed that I'm trying to use the metric system more in conversations or just general use, such as saying how many kilometers I walked or the temperature in Celsius. I've also noticed some changes with my speech as well. One big change is I've stopped asking people "How are you?" This phrase is actually very uncommon in Denmark, since Danes find it very superficial to have a conversation such as:
Person 1:"Hi, how are you?"
Person 2: "Good, how are you?"
Person 1: "Good."
Overall, I feel that I've become much more used to a European lifestyle. I've gotten used to shopping for food on a nearly daily basis and purchasing only the food that I'll eat that day. I'm used to using buses and trains to get where I need to go (even though the transit system is much different from any other city that I've been to and is potentially confusing to any newcomer). In general, I am having a fantastic time here, and I honestly cannot believe that I have less than two months left here.


P.S. Here are some pictures of my recent fall holiday near Jægerspris (all pictures courtesy of my friend Vincent).
The nearby castle we visited
Walking around the gardens
I do believe this is a view of the Roskilde Fjord
Playing football in the gardens

View of the nearby coast
Our attempt at light painting myself in a lightsaber battle with Loes, my friend from Holland

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