Friday, September 6, 2013

On Campus Dining

One of my favorite things about NUS is the food. They have a large range of Asian cuisines from Japanese to Indian stalls and then a generic western food which I honestly haven't tried and probably never will. I don’t have a meal plan and our apartment only has a fridge and microwave so I buy most meals on campus. There are canteens in each faculty and at each residence hall. Before I leave I want to try as many of the food stalls as I can. Here is a sample of what NUS has to offer and the prices in USD. 

Chinese: Fried Dumplings with noodles $1.60
Malaysian: Rice with veggies $1.84
Japanese: Kamsu Chicken set $2.80 
Korean: BBQ Pork $3.84
Indian: Fried Rice $2.56
Indonesian: Grilled Chicken with Rice $2.40 
Dragonfruit-kiwi fruit Smoothie $1.04
The fruit smoothies are amazing here. Fresh fruit blended in whatever combination you like and for about $1. I'm pretty addicted to them. Bon apetite!


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