Saturday, September 7, 2013

DTU Campus

I've had classes for a week now, and I'm having so much fun. One thing I've really liked is the campus where I'm living and taking my classes The campus of DTU in Lyngby (there's actually a couple of DTU campuses) is a little larger but much different than Clarkson. While the exterior of the buildings look older and similar to each other, the interior is very stylish and modern. But I think I should discuss the setup of the campus before anything else.
DTU is a moderate size campus, and has a running and biking trail that circles the entire campus (the trail is about 5 km long, or approx. 3.1 miles). The interesting thing about DTU is the campus is set up in a coordinate system, so each corner of the campus has specific building numbers. For example, the north-eastern corner of campus is the 100 buildings, the north-western corner has the 200 buildings, etc.

DTU Campus map with building numbers (sorry for the small size)
While each building does have specific departments and labs, each corner often has specific departments located within each. For example, in the 1st quadrant (#100 buildings), it is specifically civil engineering, while the 3rd quadrant (#300 buildings) is for the math and science departments (this quadrant also has the larger lecture rooms, so larger classes, regardless of the department, go to those buildings). Here are some of pictures of campus:

Courtyard at the main building. These courtyards are scattered all over the campus

During lunch, there are literally hundreds of bicycles parked here. There is never enough room for all of them

Vines are very common on the older buildings. I, at first, thought that this was a tree painted on the building

A closer look. These vines were my favorite due to the color (many vine leaves are still green)

I have a couple of classes in this building (Building 210)

Interior of Building 210

Matematik-torvet in Quadrant 3

One of the newest buildings on campus (I also have some classes here)

Interior of the above building

Areas to study in the same building (yes, those trees are real)

This building contains the large lecture halls

Center of Kampsax Kollegiet, the area where I'm living

Hope you enjoyed this small tour of campus! 


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  1. WOW...It's amazing campus.It's very huge and nicely architec.I think it's create nice atmosphere for students.Thanks for sharing.