Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Start of Classes

            I'm currently in the middle of my second week of classes at NUS and so far they seem similar enough to classes at Clarkson with three main exceptions. First, every class has a tutorial, an extra session every week or every other week for smaller group teaching, that supplements lectures. Secondly, a heavier emphasis is placed on the final exam, with it making up 60-80% of the final grade. Third, because of this grading scheme, there is significantly less formal homework. This means that there is a higher responsibility placed on the student to stay on track with material. This is excellent for exchange students like myself who can use the free time to travel. I still plan on working throughout the semester though so I don't have to cram too much at the end. I'll let you know how the strategy plays out and which grading/work system I prefer at the end of the semester.

          The classes that I am enrolled in are:

MA3111: Complex Analysis
MA3265: Introduction to Number Theory
ME3122: Heat Transfer
SC2205: Sociology of Family

        I am most excited about my Sociology of Family class because it is a nice change from engineering/math courses. The class will cover how family is defined, marriage, gender roles, familial relationships, family disruptions, etc. It will also be very interesting to see family from an eastern perspective and compare how the aspects of family vary across cultures.

        Wish me luck with my classes!


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